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Or as Paige would say, "froggy."

Yesterday I used the last of the espresso grounds for a yummy homemade iced latte.
This morning? No coffee in my house.

Houston, we have a problem.

I had to think of a solution. FAST.
Off to Joe Momma's we went, because who doesn't want the beach with their latte?

It was cold and foggy and misty and.. perfect. 
Don't get me wrong, I love warm sunny beach days. Those are perfect, too.
But there's something about an early morning stroll on the beach in a sweatshirt.

..and scoring an awesome foggy photo-op is always a plus.

Paige's adorable head-wrap was knitted by my grandma.

She looks like she's posing. She was really just trying to figure out why those people in bathing suits were running and jumping along the beach in this weather.. (lifeguard training, in case you're wondering too).

Grumpy face = poopy pants.

 We found a sand city!

Paige got sand on her hands. We were THIS close to a meltdown.. but she pulled herself together.


Future Picasso. Or not.


I really really really love to take pictures, especially of my littles-- but sometimes I get so busy with daily life that I just use my phone camera here and there and never do anything more than Instagram with them. So, I'm going to change that. My blog posts might not be elaborately written, and sometimes I won't write anything at all, but I'll try to let the photos do the talking. Some days I'll have a whole handful of shots, other days just one. Maybe I'll set up an extravagant photo shoot set just for fun every now and then, but mostly I'll try to capture our everyday life..

{  Like playing under the covers with Paige.  }


Paige's 1st Haircut

I know, I know.. I know!
It's been forever and a day since I last updated this poor,

Forgive me!

If you must know, I've been
sweeping my floors,
washing my dishes,
changing poopy diapers,
sorting laundry, not washing the sorted laundry for days, finally washing those piles then letting clean piles lay around until I can't tell what's dirty and what's clean (sorry mom, cover your eyes),
enjoying the weekends with my precious family,
cooking breakfast,
cooking lunch,
cooking dinner,
rinse, repeat, etc. etc..

You haven't missed that much.

I'm not going to try to catch up with a couple trillion photos (that's not an exaggeration, my camera and phone are constantly needing a clean sweep because I just. can't. stop.) Instead, let's just pick up here, today, this week, right now, the present. And maybe, just MAYBE, I will pick up the habit of keeping this blog somewhat current.


On Friday night, Paige and I went down to the salon (or the "swan", as she calls it) to get our hair cut! I had an appointment, so I thought it would be fun to bring Paige along for a little girls night, and get her a much needed trim as well. We wandered into a little deli next door for a bite to eat first.

We ate and chatted and enjoyed some solid one on one time.
We giggled.
We wiggled to the music.
You know, the usual.
Then we headed on over to the "swan."

And this is where I let the pictures do the talking.